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Social Media and Human Rights



I am a second-year PhD Candidate under the supervision of Dr. Cecilia Mascolo. Prior to this, I worked as a Research Assistant at UCL under Dr. Licia Capra after I graduated from the MSc Computer Science program there. My main research interest is in multilayer geo-social networks (social networks embedded in physical space where more than one type of link exists between nodes), with applications in urban and social systems.

Presentation overview

Multiplex Network Approach to the Analysis of (Offline and Online) Social Ties

Multiplexity, or the multi-channel communication between people is fascinating from both a network and social science perspective. In this short talk I will give an overview of this property in its online and offline manifestation, and show how it can be used to identify the strength of social ties, which can translate to a number of social applications and phenomena such as homophily, information diversity, and social-driven link prediction.

Key reading

Supplementary readings

Haythornthwaite, C., 2005. Social Networks and Internet Connectivity Effects. Information, Communication & Society, 8(2), pp.125–147.

Kivelä, M. et al., 2014. Multilayer Networks. Journal of Complex Networks, 2(3), pp.203–271.

About this website

This is the website for Ella McPherson's work related to her 2014-17 ESRC-funded research project, Social Media, Human Rights NGOs, and the Potential for Governmental Accountability.