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Social Media and Human Rights


Matt Mahmoudi pictureMatt Mahmoudi is an intern on the ESRC IAA-funded project to develop the human rights reporting platform, The Whistle.

Matt is a visiting scholar from Queen Mary University of London and is in his final year of BA Politics with Business Management.  His current research is on government accountability and the enforcement of a universal human rights regime in contemporary global governance.  He has a strong interest in social media, anthropology and journalism, particularly with reference to their application in tackling issues of selective media coverage, facilitating initiatives for direct democracy, and co-operative policy-making.

Matt is the founder and Editor in Chief of Politics Made Public (PMP), a not-for-profit company with the purpose of eliminating political apathy through the delivery of approachable and engaging political news.  Through the organization, he has worked with branches at eight different universities in the UK, Bite The Ballot, Milkround, the News Academy and the Student Publication Association. In 2014, he founded favourful, a mobile application based on the gift-economy for exchanging favours and services, in an attempt to experiment with non-capitalist modes of exchange.

About this website

This is the website for Ella McPherson's work related to her 2014-17 ESRC-funded research project, Social Media, Human Rights NGOs, and the Potential for Governmental Accountability.