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Social Media and Human Rights

Cohen Simpson

Cohen is Research Assistant for this project. His interests and expertise span computational sociology, the ecological and "new institutional" traditions in organisational studies and the resource mobilisation tradition of social movement studies. To date, his work has explored how networks — both online and offline — afford Social Movement Organisations (broadly interpreted) access to information that may be used to manage uncertainty when making strategic decisions. Methodologically, he is deeply committed to statistical models for networks given their utility in tackling questions related to the constraints/benefits of actors' structural positions with respect to their behaviour.

For the most recent updates, as well as a list of publications and his CV, check out

You can also find him on Twitter @Cohens.

About this website

This is the website for Ella McPherson's work related to her 2014-17 ESRC-funded research project, Social Media, Human Rights NGOs, and the Potential for Governmental Accountability.