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Social Media and Human Rights

Interviewed by Declarations: The Human Rights Podcast

I had a lot of fun being interviewed by the great team at Declarations: The Human Rights Podcast.  Our topic was, 'What's Wrong with Fake News?' Baby Axel was there too, and you can hear him gurgling in the background!  

Declarations is the new, student-run podcast at CGHR.  It features a number of fascinating interviews with scholars and practitioners on human rights issues.

Here's how Declarations summarises our discussion: 'In an age where states and even ordinary people have the power to produce fake news, how do we verify whether a supposed human rights abuse is real or staged online? Human rights and digital media expert Dr Ella McPherson explores this problem and her work to address it.'  Listen to the podcast here.

About this website

This is the website for Ella McPherson's work related to her 2014-17 ESRC-funded research project, Social Media, Human Rights NGOs, and the Potential for Governmental Accountability.